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Thanks for visiting this website. If your company or organization needs to tell a story through visual arts about your brand, bring your story to life through film production, promote your business, marketing, plan events and more, provide your contact information and one of our representatives will contact you to set up an appointment and discuss further. In addtion, we offer additional focused business support services to help save money on IT spend, ensure you are using the best suppliers, and also offer consulting reviews related to compliancy.

Supporting Artists

We love film, fashion, arts, music, and entertainment! We strive to encourage artists and to help them live their passion. We are artists as well, however we understand the business aspects needed to help create a solid foundation to enable a structure that will enable you to focus on your passion, craft, and dreams. We help to research and identify the best demographics for your product / services, we provide direction and guidance on the value-added activities that will help bring exposure and your audience to you. We also will direct you to other support systems that can serve as you advance in your passion, craft, or business. We look at every business and individual as a unique concept and custom-tailor services that fit your needs and requirements.

Supporting the Community

Chronic Behavior LLC works with, has membership with, and supports many organizations that serve the local and greater communities. “Serving others. Making a difference.” is our main focus in most of the work we do. Arizona Consortium for the Arts, Finding My Shoes Foundation, The Fashionomic Collective, and The Sisterhood Extravaganza are just a few of the non-profit organizations we spend time with. We focus on education, fundraising, workshops, events, providing direction and guidance, and representation whenever we can. It’s important for us to know that we can help make a difference and improve others lives.

Marketing / PR / Promotions

Interested in obtaining 360 degree marketing strategy & plans, business strategy, writing services or assistance in creating or having your marketing publications proofed or developed? Extensive experience in documentation development for businesses. For a unique perspective and to discuss your requirements and needs, contact us to set up an appointment. Press Releases Publications Considered Promotions - Advertsing Blog Articles Technical Writing / Process Documentation SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) Presentation Development Report Writing Contract Development Pamphlet Creation Magazines / Newspapers

IT Business Consulting

We have over 20 years experience with Fortune 100 Business, IT, Publications & other Software Mfgs including IBM, Microsoft, Symantec, Adobe, HP, Oracle, Autodesk, BMC, CA, Quest, VMWare, EMC, Novell, SAP, Insight, SHI, and many others. Hardware & Software Asset Management Expertise