What Defines Us

Chronic (defn) Subject to a habit or pattern of behavior for a long time. e.g. Experience that will bring results. Behavior (defn) The manner in which something functions or operates. e.g. Knowledge and understanding to deliver outstanding performance. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Twenty plus years of experience and talent being brought together to offer and deliver services and ideology to make an impact for your business, events, or marketing in a unique and professional style that will stand out and bring results.

Eva Louis… Owner, Filmmaker

Eva Louis is an award winning film director, producer, writer and actor. Eva has 20+ film credits including one full 10 episode web- series. Eva loves everything about being on set, filming with vintage lenses, directing, production, editing, and writing. Current projects include several feature films in development, two dramatic features in pre-production, thriller feature in development, and several short film projects in planning and development and a slate of additional films that goes out to 2025. She has specialized in social media, marketing and promotions of artists and individuals in film, fashion, arts, music, and entertainment through her company that she is president of called Chronic Behavior LLC. In addition, Eva helped co-found Worldwide Women's Film Festival, works with Phoenix Fashion Week, is on the board of directors for another local non-profit, and does personal and business coaching through individual and group services. Eva graduated in 1992 with a BS Degree in Business Management with additional studies in electrical engineering, accounting, purchasing, entrepreneurship. DFSS Six Sigma, Advanced Software Manager Certifications, ITIL Certification, and IT Services Mgmt expertise. Career experience with regional and enterprise organizations as well as small business ownership. Recognized as a thought leader with a reputation for delivering quality results and exceptional services. _______________________________________________________________________ “In a few words..my life mission is edification of others with positive encouragement to show them what is possible. Quite simply it is what I was born to do and I am fulfilled in doing this every day. Through following my passions and what I love I have established a niche market space cross industry bringing Creativity, IT, Consulting, PR, Media, Fashion, Entertainment, Film, Arts, Music, Charity, Marketing, Promotions, and Networking together to create a presence that will benefit any size business or organization. The most commonly asked question I receive is - "when or do you sleep?" My honest answer is I do and I sleep very well because virtually there is never a wasted moment.” ~ Eva Louis Specialties: Leadership | IT Consulting | Software Asset Management | SAM | Internet Advertising | IT Asset Management | Audit Compliance | Business Process Management | Promotions | Training | Sales | Coaching | Communications | Speaker | Technical Negotiations | Six Sigma | Marketing | IT Services & Management | SEO | Social Media | Web Presence | Fashion | Film | Networking | Writing | Event Coordination


Personal Coaching Strategy Development Filmmaking Event Experience Development Film & Fashion Industry Broadcast Media Books - Publications Writing / Author Marketing and Promotions Event Programs Red Carpet Events Interviews Research and Data Analytics Technology Industry IT Services KCS and ITIL Foundations

The Team

Toy Taylor… Business

Development Manager

…has many passions in life but the one that keeps her pushing forward is her passion for beauty. As a hairstylist for more than 2 decades, Toy has had the pleasure in "beautifying" countless women from red carpet events to high end photo shoots. This energy has opened many doors into the fashion industry. Toy is currently working as a Blog Manager for Chronic Behavior's Film and Fashion Futures. Her focus is on key elements of film, fashion, music, art and entertainment. You just never know where you will find this (fashionpreneur/fashionista/ambitious/ energetic) woman pop up. She also works with Market America and manages a Motives Cosmetics business learning and sharing her entrepreneurial knowledge to help others grow their business and learn supporting skills. In addition to her numerous events and work in the fashion and entertainment industry, Toy serves the community in working with several organizations serving those less fortunate than herself, spends times supporting her son in athletics and the rest of her family

Daniel Blunck… Filmmaker &

Business Operations Analyst

…is an award winning film director, writer, and actor. His resume also reflects his creative talent and skills as a Business Operations Analyst at Chronic Behavior LLC with oversight of marketing, social media, event production, and planning. Daniel is working on several film projects from writing, directing, cinematography, and editing. He is known in the industry as a successful filmmaker with over 35 IMDB film credits, awards for directing “Mom’s Favorite” and “Dream State” and actor, having appeared in several award-winning short films, "Conundrum" and "The Woman of the Mountain", “Solider and the Girl”, “Twins”, as well as commercials and feature-length films including “Some Nudity Required”, “Dr. Saville’s Horror Show”, and “Life Of Consequences” where he was the lead actor and writer. Daniel has also produced film “Heart’s Echo”, “Prevailing Promise”, as well as been an associate producer on several projects such as "Ryan in the Park" and "Vault of Souls: The Pact." Daniel also taught, at The Artist's Box acting studio, the Mastery of Realism program. Previous to being an acting teacher, he had completed the Sanford Meisner Approach to Acting program. In addition to the film work, Daniel Blunck is also a producer and co-host for the Podcast, “The Darnell Autry Show”.