Phoenix Fashion Week at Chateau Luxe WE'RE BAAAAAACK!!!! I am so excited to be attending both April 15 & 16th (Friday and Saturday), and working with @phxfashionweek 2022 at the @chateau_luxe and am excited to share the following GIFT - see below!! A gift from me to my friends and followers - A 20% OFF GIFT CARD - to use when getting your tickets to attend and celebrate with me and my team!! Use the 20% OFF Gift by using this special code - EvaFashionista - at the Tickets Flyer Link above : (good off select seats while supplies last). Film Productions, Coming Events, and so much more… Many new concepts are in development for Chronic Behavior LLC and our Film Productions team. We have been working behind the scenes on post-production for some up coming releases. Latest Released on YouTube: Life of Consequestions - Feature Film Trailer - 12/21 Prevailing Promise - Drama Short - 7/21 A Fashion Film - Documentary Short - 4/21 Mom’s Favorite - Drama Short - 4/21 Dream State - Drama Micro Short - 2/21 Hearts Echo - Horror Short - 2/21 Endless Bend - Horror Short - 1/21 Nail Tech Chronicles - Comedy - 10/20 Feature Films Life of Consequences - Post Production April 14, 2022 One Year Anniversary Book Release Party: We are planning a From Us For You First Anniversary Reunion Zoom Call on April 14th at 7:00 pm (MST). Some of our chapter writers will be attendance and giving updates and YOU are invited! Come celebrate From Us For You and the lives of our chapter writers. Please register for the Zoom event here: Go to the Website to buy a book and learn more - January 2020 Book Release: Happy to announce the latest book release for “Girl Behind the Fence: Fear”, the fourth book for the latest self-help series by Author, Mozelle Martin and other contributing authors including, our own Eva Louis. To Purchase your copy and check out other books, click here ==> Buy Now!! 2019 Interview: PODCAST with The Rogue Interview Show - check it out here: 2018 Interview: Also, we have received some awesome coverage from Courageous Creatives by Skye Lucking. Here’s a video interview that we just fell in love with…
Connect to Film & Fashion Futures Film & Fashion Futures is the main marketing and promotions division of Chronic Behavior. Connect to this site to be educated, informed, promoted, and for marketing opportunities. Our content is geared towards individuals, crowd sourcing, investors, and others who want to become involved through funding opportunities with Film, Fashion, and Community Based Non-Profit and Charity projects and activities locally and internationally. In all societies today, film and fashion are infused into everything everyday. There are transformations to people's lives because these ventures often revolve around peoples passions.


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May 2018 Book Release: Happy to announce the latest book release for “Girl Behind the Fence: Loneliness”, the first book for the latest self- help series by Author, Mozelle Martin and other contributing authors including, our own Eva Louis. To purchase your copy, click here ==> Buy Now!! June Book Release 2018: Happy to announce the second book release for the co-authors of “Shero’s” published by BRC Publishing and Brenda Combs. Toy Taylor and Eva Louis are two of the five co-authors in the book and are excited for the following book tour roadshow and Shero’s Awards which in are the planning stages. Check out this book collaboration of real life "Shero's" sharing their personal stories of truth, never giving up, pain, and overcoming obstacles by transitioning into successful, unstoppable women of courage and empowerment. To purchase your copy, click here ==> Buy Now!!
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